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Weiss Agency

About Weiss

It is claimed that Weiss Ratings started its activities back in 1971 (investors are not only interested in cryptocurrency).

Website: www.weisscrypto.com


Unfortunately, the Weiss agency does not disclose its methodology, but it is reported that the analysis is based on four criteria:

  • Acceptance by society
  • Technologicality
  • Possible investment returns
  • Possible investment risk

How do you understand

Investors should interpret the cryptocurrency rating scale in the following ways:

  • A = Great
  • B = Okay
  • C = Medium
  • D = Bad
  • E = Very bad

The plus or minus sign indicates the upper third or lower third of the grade range. That is, B- is greater and better than C+. In addition, a grade of F is assigned to cryptocurrencies that have failed or are subject to credible allegations of fraud.

Source: https://weissratings.com/en/products/crypto-ratings



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